Doesn’t Anyone Edit Anymore?

This was in my Facebook feed this morning:

npr copy

And, in case you are not of the Grammar Nazi persuasion, the use of the abbreviation “Ala.” to indicate the state of Alaska might not make you crazy, but if you’re like me, IT MAKES ME CRAZY.

Why? First and foremost, because it’s plain wrong. The postal abbreviation for Alabama is AL, the postal abbreviation for Alaska is AK. The standard AP abbreviation for Alabama is Ala., and there is no abbreviation for Alaska. (Mind you it gets crazy here because AP is doing away with state abbreviations and it’s just a stupid move on their part, but….)

Ala. has never, in any style guide that I know of, ever stood for anything but Alabama.

Shame on you, NPR, for letting this get out there. Double shame for letting it stand.

We all make mistakes, but you have a helluva lot bigger staff than I do and at least I try to fix things.

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