Content Marketing: Everything Old is New Again

Content Marketing. What the hell is that? Well, that’s a 2015 buzzword — “content marketing” — but what it really means is engaging your audience by providing interesting and informative content surrounding your particular core brand/institution/performance piece/school/breed of dog/type of frozen juice/political party. What. Ever.

I’m old enough to have lived through several iterations of this being the hot thing. The problem is, people forget and move on to something different and then a new generation, understanding that something is wrong, discovers content again, has a Eureka! moment, and brings it back into the spotlight.

With the exception of platform, i.e., the web, there’s not a damn bit of this that I wasn’t doing *choke* two decades ago. And for the record, most of my peers thought I was NUTS … until I started getting results that they could only dream of.

Here’s a link to a good short bit on Good Monster about content marketing. All the info is good. Use it.

While I was scrolling through the video embedded in that link, another one caught my eye. It’s below. And it’s just bang on the money. Give that man a gold star.

Now, one last word about content marketing. It is not enough to have good content on your site. You must make it easy to access on your easy-to-navigate website. I don’t need to see a beautiful big picture of a tree; just give me the damn story, well told.

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