Heart Of The Matter: Treating The Disease Instead Of The Person

Heart Of The Matter: Treating The Disease Instead Of The Person : Shots – Health News : NPR.

This is a terrific piece and one that anyone who runs an organization that deals with people — who doesn’t? — should pay heed to.

I have just had a horrible — just horrible — customer service experience that I rate as one of the worst I’ve ever had, but I doubt the company would think it was any big deal. Just like what happened to this patient and his interactions with his physicians, the two sides often clash because we have not taken the time out to simply communicate.

“I’m Dr. Matthews. We’re going to fix you Mr. Jones.” “I’m sorry that you were given incorrect information, sir, I am going to make sure we get that taken care of immediately.” “We want to make sure you know what’s going on.” It’s these little interactions that can turn a situation from a negative point-of-view to a positive.

As we connect more and more on our smartphones and in online interactions, are we losing the ability to actually communicate? I think we may be; especially if we don’t take the time to demand — of ourselves and of others — that we interact in person and actually have a dialogue. Try it sometime.


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