General Operating Funds, Admin Expenses and Why We Nonprofits are Our Own Worst Enemies

I think I may have a little “writer’s crush” on Vu Le, who brilliantly assays the blog, Nonprofit With Balls. This is a terrific litany of much of what’s wrong with fundraising today. When grantor organizations place so many restrictions on their gifts, they ultimately hurt the nonprofits that they allegedly want to help. I’ve seen it a thousand times, but I’ve never seen the problem written about with so much wry humor. H/T Tom Cott|You’ve Cott Mail

For years I have been railing against restricted funding to anyone who would listen. I wrote a piece imagining what it would be like if a bakery ran with the same funding restrictions as a nonprofit: “I need a cake for some gluten-free veterans. I can pay you only 20% of the cost of the cake, and you can only spend my money on eggs, but not butter, and certainly not for the electricity; you have to find someone else to pay for the oven’s electricity. Also, you need to get an accounting firm to figure out where you’re spending my money, but you can’t use my money to pay for that service.”

via General operating funds, admin expenses, and why we nonprofits are our own worst enemies / Nonprofit With Balls.


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