Revenge of the brochureware billboard designers

This is actually a week late, but it’s timeless. In the Gerry McGovern Genius World, it comes before the next post. If you are in charge of a website — especially if you are in charge of a college or university website — you must keep reading. It’s the most on-point thing I’ve ever read on the topic. It’s like he’s peering into my brain at night!

Revenge of the brochureware billboard designers | Gerry McGovernOrganizations can’t resist broadcasting when customers just want to get something done.

This was a website that was “blowing the doors off” web design, I was told. Oh yeah? I bet you it’s also innovative and cutting-edge with awesome branding. I have learned over the years that whenever I hear these sort of fantastic phrases, it can only mean one thing. It will be a huge beautiful image that dominates the entire page. There will be some vague meaningless words and phrases. And there will be nothing much to do (or whatever there is to do will be very hard to find and do). Rather, you will be expected to just sit there and experience the branding. READ MORE


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