Why Employers Don’t Respond After a Job Interview

5 Reasons Why Employers Don’t Respond After a Job Interview.

Interesting piece this morning on Mashable. With the exception of Reason Number 5, I think they are all bogus. No. 5: They’re Just Rude is the overarching reason here.

Look, my contention is that we have taken the “human” out of human resources. We are using too many resume scanners, too many online applications, too many catch-all job search aggregator sites and we are treating job seekers as resumes instead of as human beings.

How many of our corporate overlords understand that human resources is actually a PR function? There is a disconnect between a hiring manager requiring an applicant to submit a resume and cover letter and the corporate catch-all online app system that requires you to list your education starting in elementary school. If I’m applying to be your vice president, don’t make me go through this tomfoolery because, guess what? Your system sucks.

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