Why Workplace Jargon Is A Big Problem

Why Workplace Jargon Is A Big Problem.

This is an interesting piece that comes in via HuffPo. The workplace, especially the American workplace, is full to the brim with this type of nonsensical wordplay. Entire books are written about schemes and ideas and ways of doing business and all of them have their own vocabulary.

I used to work for a guy who said that when he was in his 20s, all the guys used to talk about automobile engines in order to appear cool, but today it’s all about computers and devices and how much RAM you have!

Jargon is a lot like that. There’s a theory that goes along the lines of “if I use a lot of meaningless workplace phrases, people will think I am important.” There are also lots of snarky and NSFW phrases that I could use to describe those people.

We are all guilty — I know I am — of dropping some of these into workplace conversations, but we should check ourselves and think of better ways to communicate.

Now about those TPS reports….

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