Kickin’ It — Crowd Funding Has Serious Legs

I’m a believer in crowd funding. I’ve been a part of funding several excellent projects and I’m proud that I played some small role in making these things happen. It is one of the astonishing miracles of crowd funding. It is also another second-decade-of-the-millennium twist on something old as the day is long.

The thing is, we don’t always worry about $10 or $50; we worry about the $1,000 gift or the $50,000 one. How many executive directors of non-profits have I heard in my life say, “I’m not WASTING my time thanking someone who have me a sawbuck, I’m saving that for the ‘big gets.'” And those are the arrogant pricks that you want to punch in the throat.

Are you strategically leveraging your smaller donors? Do you have a crowd funding strategy? If not, why not?

From Kickstarter’s recent blog post, giving you an idea of what’s happening in this particular world:

With a quarter of 2014 behind us, it’s time to update you on what’s happened at Kickstarter so far this year. In the past three months alone, 4,497 projects have been successfully funded by 887,848 backers. People have backed everything from a restoration of Abraham Lincoln’s couch to Neil Young’s new music device, Pono.

Here are the full numbers for Q1:

Dollars pledged to projects: $112,038,158
Average pledged per day: $1,244,868
Successfully funded projects: 4,497
Total backers: 887,848
New backers: 679,413

Read the rest HERE. Quite interesting, indeed.


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