Spirit Airlines and a Nation of Haters

Spirit Airlines Taps A Nation Of Hate Fliers : Planet Money : NPR.

This is a great piece from NPR. There’s a lot of truth to what the Spirit Airlines CEO is saying. He maintains that the airline is providing you with transportation only for the cost of your fare. You want anything else — like baggage handling and carriage, the ability to choose your seats, the ability to lean your seat back, or water — then you have to pay for it.

The traveling public — especially the American traveling public — are used to some frills, even on so-called no-frills air carriers. Spirit isn’t having any of it. They are okay, they say, being the “Dollar General” of the sky.

You want to pay $68 to fly from LaGuardia to Ft. Lauderdale or do you want pretzels and an overhead bin to store your coat, laptop and shopping bag from the duty-free shop you couldn’t resist even though you’re not flying internationally?

The moral of the story is: quit bitching. It’s 68 bucks. And you don’t need your coat in Lauderdale anyway.


*Truth in advertising: I’m a good game player on this shit, but when push comes to shove, I’ll pay for the upgrade to Business Class and a bit more space in which to recline. I mean, there’s cheap and then there’s cheap! It’s important to know the difference when you book.


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