What Content Farms Teach Us About Content

What content farms teach us about content | Gerry McGovern.

Content is not an end on the Web. Content is an enabler. You make money off what content enables people to do. You make the content free and you make your living off what people do with your content.

This is a great piece (they all are) from McGovern. A few years back, “content farms” were exploding all over the Web, but now their ranks are shrinking and people are looking for better content.

Better content? Yeah, that’s the trick. When “content farmers” found that their content was better, people were not clicking through to the ads that sponsored it. Does that shock you? Not me.

As McGovern says, content should enable you to do something else. Good content should be focused on getting you to buy/click/etc, not on being content for content’s sake — that’s called filler and it bores people.


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