How to Solve a Problem Like Awareness

 Seth’s Blog: “Our biggest problem is awareness”.

If that’s your mantra, you’re working to solve the wrong problem.

If your startup, your non-profit or your event is suffering because of a lack of awareness, the solution isn’t to figure out some way to get more hype, more publicity or more traffic. Those are funnel solutions, designed to fix an ailing process by dumping more attention at the top, hoping more conversion comes out the bottom.

This is such lucid thinking from Seth Godin that I find it difficult to believe that so many JUST DON’T GET IT.

Fundamentally, it’s not about raising awareness, plowing more energy into the hype machine, it’s about making sure your product doesn’t suck and making sure that you are telling people in a compelling manner why it doesn’t suck.

This notion that “if you build it they will come” is about as false as it gets.


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