Putting people’s needs first | Gerry McGovern

Gerry McGovern. Image: ux-lx.com

Gerry McGovern. Image: ux-lx.com

Peter Drucker once said that all organizations are basically the same, whether they be armies, churches, non-profits or commercial organizations. It’s certainly true that in working in web consulting for almost twenty years, I keep seeing the same problems coming up again and again in non-profits, intranets, commercial websites, government websites, etc. … Success is much more about getting the focus right. It is about the absolute shift away from an organization-centric view of the world, and focusing relentlessly on what the person coming to your website needs to do.

via Putting people’s needs first | Gerry McGovern.

If I could only bottle Gerry McGovern and Seth Godin, I’d corner the market on, well, everything.

This is a slight post, but full of deep, deep thought on why websites are developed the way they are and what’s standing in the way of your organization achieving greatness.


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