Apple Customers’ Verdict on New Products: A Mixed Bag

Apple Customers’ Verdict on New Products: A Mixed Bag.|Mashable

Apple fans were underwhelmed by the latest product updates revealed on Monday, with most of them more curious about when the next iPhone will launch.

Consumers who gathered outside the flagship Apple Store in New York City on Tuesday said they were unimpressed with the company’s announcements from the day before at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference, although the reaction from Apple customers in San Francisco was more enthusiastic.



I have to say, as an Apple geek, I agree. I’m not dancing around about what Apple has been offering up recently. And I’m not enough of a tech head to be psyched about Mavericks vs. Mountain Lion.

What I will say is that I think Apple is totally off the mark when they instituted a new connector for next gen iProducts. Now I don’t want anything new because everything I have connects to the same cord. And to get the newer stuff, now I have to schlep around different cords? Groan. No thanks. I’ll be cranky.


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