Post-Interview Thank You Notes: Yeah or Nay

Why Handwritten Notes Beat E-Mail

This was a post and a link to the above article I came across in a LinkedIn group today. It’s very interesting. You should read it.

I have always been a big believer in the handwritten note. In fact, for many years, I drilled H-A-R-S (Hand Addressed Real Stamp) into people who were working on donor and subscriber campaigns for me. You can’t NOT open a hand addressed envelope with a real stamp on it. A First-Class stamp; not one of those poxy non-profit rate knock-offs. That said, I thought this response was very prescient indeed. (I’ve redacted the commenter’s name, FYI.)

• Allow me to disagree. As a former hiring manager, most of my communications came through email. The postal mail brought trades, junk mail and rarely, an invoice (most invoices were emailed). I did not like to get mail – it was a nuisance. And frankly, since most postal mail went into a mail slot (only top execs got direct delivery), I only checked the box once a week. Emailed thank yous were appreciated, timely and readily responded to when appropriate. And they were guaranteed to be read. I too love handwritten notes – but I think they work better for personal use.

I think this commenter has a valid point. Worth thinking about at any rate.


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