Jonah Lehrer — On Love? — Disgraced Writer Tackling Eros Now?


Jonah Lehrer in Camden, Maine, 2009.

Oh dear, back to this well again, I see. Jonah and his “antics” have provided me plenty of fodder for nearly the last year. (Here’s where you can read all about it.) Here’s the latest from BrowBeat, Slate’s culture blog:

Now, four months after a public appearance that BuzzFeed optimistically described as his “final humiliation,” Jonah Lehrer is ready for his comeback. Slate has learned from sources in the publishing industry that the once-celebrated writer is now shopping around a book proposal on the science—and perhaps the redemptive power—of love.

via Jonah Lehrer: new book about love being shopped by Wylie agency, publishing sources say..

In the Slate piece, Daniel Engber notes:

“Grit requires passion,” Lehrer told a graduating class at Earlham College two years ago. The speech might have been a blueprint for his recent efforts at rehabilitation. “Grit requires love,” he continued. “And love is just another name for what never gets old.”

For the record, what happened is that Lehrer gave a speech called a convocation at the beginning of the academic year to the school’s incoming first-year class. He did so in 2010 and 2011 and was nixed from doing the same again at the beginning of the 2012-13 year when the Bob Dylan quote scandal broke. I should know; I was the media flack for Earlham at the time.

Perhaps Engber is from Canada, where convocation is synonymous with graduation. Usually, in the U.S., that word is commencement. Ah, English, you picky bitch….

H/T mediabistro Morning Media Feed


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