Kurtz’ Bad Reporting Cost Plenty of Money

Howard Kurtz’s Bad Reporting About Jason Collins Cost Him A Lot of Money (Forbes / Mixed Media)

Contrary to appearances, Howard Kurtz didn’t lose his job at the Daily Beast over his boneheaded reporting about gay basketball star Jason Collins, or over his excessive extracurricular work. What he did lose was money — quite a lot of it. (The Atlantic Wire) So it turns out Kurtz wasn’t exactly fired by the Daily Beast just for his egregious Collins story — but Kurtz’s defense that his exit “was in the works for some time” still wasn’t pretty: Tina Brown had been “putting together a file” of excuses to fire him, and the big gay cover-up heard ’round the media world let her dump Kurtz and his quarter-million-dollar contract, quickly and affordably.

MediaBistro Morning News Feed, 5/7/13

Word to the wise: check your sources and get your facts straight. Since when did this NOT become the first thing you learn in J School?


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