Customer Loyalty: If You Can’t Buy It, How Do You Get It?

Secret. Panera. Patagonia. Schwab. Krispy Kreme. Method. Louisville Slugger. Zappos. There are many a shining example of purpose-driven companies. But how does one isolate that brand purpose— the idea that inspires what you do and informs every action you take by getting to the core of why you do it?

This is not achieved via sensitivity training or New Age crystals or a séance; its more like making vanilla extract: distillation to the point of essence. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the process is very simple, and very hard. The process begins with assembling the team and posing one central question: Why does the brand exist?

via You Cant Buy Customer Loyalty: New Book.| CNBC

Great book excerpt tweeted about by Web super-guru Gerry McGovern. This is very important stuff for people trying to understand their organization and its place in the world. Not just for marketers. Actually, not for marketers at all. The rest of your management team needs to get on board with this type of purpose-built thinking.



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