Internet — The New Television

Cheeks @GoCheeksGo2/23/13, 4:16 PM Tomorrow is today; the Internet is television. RT @onthemedia Nielsen counting people who watch TV via Internet

This is me blogging a tweet that was retweeted with a link. (Also, that was a sentence that would have indecipherable just a few years ago!)

The link is to the Times‘ Media Decoder blog and it’s about Nielsen — the ratings Nielsens — adding internet usage into their ratings. Interesting.

The tweet is from one of the creators and stars of the Web series “Husbands,” which is the cute gay sitcom that television has not yet produced. I’ve written about them before; it’s one of my favorites.

But the takeaway here is that the world is shifting. There are seismic shifts occurring in how we communicate at every level. We have to continue to advance, to research, to experiment and to be strategic enough thinkers to realize which new methods are just flashes in the pan and which old methods still work.

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