Why Internet Trolls? Why?


As you’ve probably discovered, there are people lurking all over the web who find great joy in humiliating and attacking others. This insightful infographic describes the inner workings of Internet trolls, explaining why they decide to spend their online time in attack mode. Tapping the expertise of psychologists and experts, it offers solid reasons why this scourge of the Internet continues.

via Why Do Internet Trolls Exist? [INFOGRAPHIC] | Mashable

Check out this short piece and this AWESOME infographic on Internet trolls. It’s a great psychological study. Worth a look.


One thought on “Why Internet Trolls? Why?

  1. Awesome infographic!! thanks for sharing…Internet trolls are literally are everywhere, the thing is whether or not to pay attention to them, I like to think of it as constructive criticism (depending on what the comment is, of course) and see what I can learn from it. 🙂

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