New Thinking in Patient Care: Hotels


Many service-oriented industries can learn a great deal from the hospitality industry.

I had a moment of clarity last night. A colleague was helping her mother with some content development work. Her mom is a consultant who specializes in Alzheimers/dementia care and working with nursing homes to develop new models for caring for patients.

Tangental to this dementia work has come, in recent years, an onslaught of new patients with traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) from our horrible unwinnable wars. Nursing facilities have found themselves caught with a clientele of patients younger than they are used to and who have needs for long term care that they are often unfamiliar with.

A long intro for this, sent to me by my colleague:

“What is the connection between Person Centered Care and health care? Person Centered Care becomes an experience that enhances the delivery of health care services. Health care is becoming a consumer driven industry. It may be helpful to peruse the basic service standards for the hospitality industry.”

It is, I think, a terrific recommendation. When I was working to develop new paradigms for service in the arts, time and time again I went back to the well of concierge service, white glove total service, ease of use and ease of payment. It is absolutely what we hope hoteliers are trained to understand and implement.

Let’s put it another way: you may not be able to articulate what makes service good, but you damn sure know when it’s bad.

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