No, the Press Release Is Not Dead

We’ve recently noticed a good deal of dialogue about the future of the press release. Some seem to feel that the press release–with its self-lauding and company-specific spin–is, for all intents and purposes, irrelevant in a media world that runs on in-the-minute social media. Others, however, feel that PR professionals may simply need to tweak the way they approach both the releases themselves and the journalists they pitch. We tend to find ourselves in the second camp.

via No, the Press Release Is Not Dead – PRNewser.

This is a very interesting article for those of us who dwell in this world. See my comments below the article itself.

My takeaway — short version — is that you MUST CHANGE, you MUST KEEP UP, and you MUST HAVE THE COURAGE to say “no” to those who insist on doing it the olde way. Those naysayers tend to occupy the suites in the ivory tower.

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