Jonah Lehrer Discusses Scandals, Career Implosion that Caused “Deep Pain”

“I saw that Jonah Lehrer is going to be speaking at [Knight Foundation’s] #infoneeds,” Dan Pacheco tweeted this evening. “Is this to be an Oprah-esque confessional like Lance Armstrong?”

It might be.

“Yes he is going to speak about decision-making — including the bad decision-making that caused him to wreck his journalism career,” Knight Foundation spokesman Andrew Sherry tells Romenesko readers.

Lehrer is the closing lunch speaker Tuesday at Knight’s Media Learning Seminar 2013.

via Jonah Lehrer is discussing his plagiarism scandal on Tuesday | JIMROMENESKO.COM.


Jonah Lehrer speaking at PopTech in Camden, Maine. Photo by Kris Krug/Wikimedia Commons

I’m interested in this only because I’ve been intimately wrapped up in this since the beginning. I finally got the Knight Foundation links to work (you can find them on Romensko), but the stream crapped out on me.

Lehrer said in his speech that he caused “deep pain” to those he cares about and is “profoundly sorry” to have broken the trust of so many, including his readers. He also noted that “a confession is not a solution.”

“My flaws are a basic part of me,” he said, which I found quite interesting and meaningful on a certain level. He continued that he has come to the “slow realization that all of the apologies and regrets are just the beginning.”

I still believe he is a fascinating individual. I hope he works diligently to gain back our trust.

Here’s a few posts from the very beginning of this scandal: First, THIS, then THIS ONE, finally THIS ONE.

2/19/13 HERE is an interesting take, courtesy of “Freshly Pressed,” wherein the writer is outraged by Lehrer. And the vast sum he got for his mea culpa appearance at the Knight Foundation. That, I must admit, does rub me the wrong way. Anyhow, for followers of this debacle, I think you should read it. I don’t agree with all of it, but I’d be lying if I didn’t think she was correct in her thinking about most of it.


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