Five Days of Mail a Week Is Still Too Much

Five Days of Mail a Week Is Still Too Much.


Image: Dvortygirl via Wikimedia Commons

Excellent piece on Gizmodo by Brian Barrett. Here’s how he starts it:

The United States Postal Service announced plans today to end Saturday mail delivery later this year, as part of its spirit quest to become something other than a $16 billion sinkhole. Good! But it’s not enough. In an age where we’ve already started to leave email behind, five days of bulk catalog and sweepstakes deliveries is pure, unmitigated excess.

Could not agree more. A bunch of useless Congressfolk were waiting in line to be on All Things Considered this afternoon, talking utter nonsense about how we can’t act too hastily. No, let’s let the whole thing bleed to death.

Here’s the deal: if you rely on direct mail for your business stop it. You are about to be completely out of luck. Once upon a time, I built tiered campaigns on direct mail. I did multiple pieces back-to-back-to-back, but you’ve got to be strategic and savvy these days. You need complete web and e-commerce integration. Use mail for super special pieces.

The USPS is such a flawed quasi-governmental, quasi-private, quasi-corporate enterprise, no wonder it’s in such a bad way. There’s no way it can’t be anything but a disaster.

Make it cost 75¢ to mail a letter. Close and sell all the infinitesimal P.O.’s across the country. Put more post offices in grocery stores. Expand the do-it-yourself postal kiosks. Drag yourself into the 21st century, please.


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