Untangling the Vine — Is It Really the Next Big Thing? I Check it Out

Very Interesting Op-Ed from Chris Taylor of Mashable yesterday (1/30/13).

via What Makes Vine So Hot?.

Well, I set out to find out a bit. Taylor asserts that the three word description is key to Vine’s success.

What mattered in each case was that the service was easily summarized and differentiated. You could grok it instantly. You had a reason to try it. And here’s a good rule of thumb: if you can describe what makes a service different in three easy words — “filtered square photos,” perhaps, or “140 character updates,” or “six-second videos” — it has a good shot at taking off.

To put it another way, here’s how top Valley VC Marc Andreessen has described his process for deciding which companies to invest in: “I look for the thing people are laughing at, but is growing like a weed.”

I’m a super neophyte Viner (2 videos so far) but I have to admit, it’s fun and I can see some benefits, especially in cases where you want to engage people quickly, simply, amusingly — perhaps ironically — and nearly instantly.

As one reviewer said on the App Store, forget photos, this is the new frontier. I scoffed at that — but that was before I downloaded and tried it.

2013-01-31 10.23.09Now, I was planning to link this to my Twitter feed, but, of course, I forgot to link it first and I haven’t figured out how to do it later yet. So, if you want to view my lame first attempts at a Vine video, follow me @markrblackmon.  (Though it seems as though I might have broken Twitter this morning! LMAO I may have to back out of it all and start again.)

Meanwhile, while I’m trying to figure out how to use this, you know, computer, check out Vine (vine.co not vine.com) or check them out in the App Store.


One thought on “Untangling the Vine — Is It Really the Next Big Thing? I Check it Out

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