Twit Much?

UnknownIn case you didn’t know it because you’re spending all of your time on Google+, Twitter is the fastest growing social network in the world at the moment. One of the most curious things about Twitter is outlined in this article from MediaBistro’s AllTwitter blog:

Of greatest interest is the growth of the “passive” Twitter user. All social media platforms define an active user as somebody who engages with the platform in some way over the past month, but on Twitter, only 51 percent of all active users claim to have posted a tweet over that period. Which means that almost half of all Twitter folk – 100+ million people – are simply reading them. Planning Events, Watching TV And Chatting About Products – How Do We Use Twitter? [STUDY] – AllTwitter.

This is interesting to me. So many of us are looking at how people interact on social media, but we’re not accustomed to thinking about passive users. Those who, on Twitter, follow but do not interact.

My curiosity is peaked even further when I think about my own Twitter use. Mostly, I do follow. I tweet occasionally. I tweet much more when I’m on vacation because I don’t have to carry my computer, I can snap a photo on my phone and tweet it out effortlessly. Plus, on holiday I link my Twitter to my Facebook page so that community of friends can interact with it.

At work, I use Twitter primarily to engage our community during bad weather or emergencies. It’s BRILLIANT for emergency communications.

And, as evidenced by my earlier post today, I’m trying to figure out Vine, so I’ll be tweeting more. Follow me @markrblackmon and let me know when I’ve gotten Vine right!


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