The Last Gasps of Movie Rentals

Blockbuster To Close 300 U.S. Stores –


Is anyone surprised by this? I’m actually surprised that there are still video rental outlets still around.

Maybe I’m wildly ahead of the curve, but I haven’t rented a DVD in six or seven years and even then it seemed archaic. Now, with video streaming and on-demand everything, I don’t even think about renting. Of course, if you don’t have a fast internet connection, I can see the appeal of Red Box. I mean, it a dollar for a movie, okay, I see that.

I’ve been on a quest to purge my life of all non-digital entertainment. I have a great gizmo that allows me to turn videos or DVDs into digital files. It’s something to while away the hours when it’s ice cold freezing outside!

PS to the grammar police: “while away” vs. “wile away.”

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