2012: The Best Year Ever??

Hard to believe, but that’s the thesis in an article in the UK newspaper The Spectator. Web guru Gerry McGovern has a few things to say about this — as ever, they’re right on the mark.

The Web can create its own reality. The people who comment may or may not reflect the opinion of the majority. Do social media attract mainly people with very strong views? Having tracked a number of sites over the years where people comment, it is fairly rare to find objective, calm and reasoned argument.

That’s a pretty good takeaway: “it is fairly rare to find objective, calm and reasoned argument” in comments on a website. If you have ever taken a look at comments on a newspaper site, for instance, you’ll be well and truly convinced that you’re surrounded by crazy people. That said, when people start commenting on your own site, you need to remember that they may not be in the majority. MAY NOT. Then again, they may be! Allowing comments is a slippery slope. And you have to be able to have a thick enough skin to let the bad comments stand. It ain’t easy taking the high road sometimes!

BTW, McGovern links to The Spectator’s article below:



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