I’ll Tumblr For Ya

If you use the micoblogging website Tumblr, you aren’t alone. The website has had a seriously successful year and now claims to be one of the top 10 most visited sites in the United States. Tumblr recently boasted a worldwide audience of 170 million people.

via Tumblr boasts nearly 170 million monthly visitors – SlashGear.

photo: Slashgear

I haven’t talked much about Tumblr, but it’s one of those places on the Innerwebs that are populated by a lot of young, connected hipsters. I haven’t seen anything of significance on Tumblr yet. But, I think the operative word in that last sentence is “yet.”

I know a few interesting blogging sites using Tumblr as a platform. And I know of many niche communities, meme generators and the like, but for business? Not sure. Watch this space!


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