How to be Insanely Service Centric – Lessons From Zappos

How to be Insanely Service Centric – Lessons From Zappos | Business 2 Community.

This is good stuff. It’s kinda sad that we have to single out someone who is doing it right because they are rare, but, well, there ya go.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to provide exceptional experiences for your customers.

When I was in college, I worked at a busy convenience store. I was always bitching about the customers and my dad, who was a barber and ran his own business for many years, said to me, “I know it sounds trite but the customer is always right.” I, of course, replied that sometimes I was right. I knew this because, well, I was 20 and when you are 20 you think you are always right.

Dad said, “No, it just doesn’t matter. The best lesson you can learn is to make the customer feel important. Don’t screw around with him. And learn to say you’re sorry. And give him a little something for nothing every now and then just for the hell of it. What does it really matter?”

It took me a while to grasp all of that information. Around the time I was putting together what we now call UX — user experiences — for customers did it finally click. Dad was right all along.

Make it easy on the customer. I’m telling ya, it will set you free.

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