Ensure Your Nonprofit’s Facebook Fans See All Your Posts (and Other SNAFUs)

HOW TO: Ensure Your Nonprofit’s Facebook Fans See All Your Posts « Nonprofit Tech 2.0 Blog :: A Social Media Guide for Nonprofits.

This is a royal clusterfuck. Okay, Facebook has this algorithm called Edgerank. With Edgerank, nonprofits are only getting through to about 6-9% of their fans. Why? Because Edgerank constricts the information flow and only lets certain people interact with your page. Don’t ask me which people; damned if I can tell.

Anyway, in the few short days since this link was published, Facebook has changed things AGAIN.

To view most of what you have “liked,” look on the left side of your Facebook page. You will see a category called PAGES. Under this, look for PAGES FEED. See it? Now click on it. It will display a timeline of only posts from pages that you have liked.


I dunno.

Facebook wants you to pay for the privilege of having more people see your posts. These are called “Promoted Posts” and if you own a page, you will see a little Promote arrow on posts. This will open a window letting you have the option of paying X amount to have Edgerank open its electronic chastity belt and release your posts to the number of people you have paid for.

I’m not sure what the best work-around is yet, but paying ain’t it.

I’ll keep thinking. If you come up with some genius answer to this, leave me a comment.


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