New Emergency Resources from Google

Google Introduces New Emergency Resources in Response to Sandy (NYT / Bits)

Google has scrambled to post online resources for people who want information about the deadly storm Sandy, including maps showing evacuation routes and shelters and a new service that sends emergency alerts to Google users.USA Today The Public Alerts system — which provides warnings for natural disasters and emergency situations based on targeted Google searches and location-specific enquiries — was planned for release later this week but the team decided to speed things “so they can be helpful to people,” given the effects of the hurricane in New York. SlashGear Google gathers its Public Alerts data from “a network of partners,” which includes the USGS and NOAA, which utilize the Common Alerting Protocol. More partnerships are planned in the future, according to the announcement. A list of all current public alerts are available on Google’s main Public Alerts page.

H/T mediabistro 10/31/12

Good stuff. Important stuff. Talking about this with members of my emergency management team at work as well as with several friends who live and work in NY and who deal with audiences. You need to be prepared and you need to be able to communicate easily and effectively in times of crisis.

The one thing none of these pages gives you, curiously, is the link to this Google page. So, here, allow me.


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