Sandy — Fake and Otherwise

Below from the 10/30/12 mediabistro morning news feed. This is interesting. Why is it in times of crisis, people tend to spread misinformation? Is it because they can? Is it because it’s malicious? Is it because they’re stupid? I don’t get it. There’s enough real devastation happening without adding to it.

The Brits got it right: Keep calm and carry on.


Fake Hurricane Sandy Photos Blow Through Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter (SocialTimes)
Monday, the Internet was full of astonishing photos of Hurricane Sandy, the category-1 hurricane that’s working its way along the East Coast. Unfortunately, a lot of the most dramatic images are stock photos that have either been altered or simply reused. The Atlantic This post, which will be updated over the next couple of days, is an effort to sort the real from the unreal. It’s a photograph verification service, you might say, or a pictorial investigation bureau. The Guardian / US News Blog It is an act that may seem harmless at face value, but sharing misleading photos can misinform people who are already vulnerable to danger. Los Angeles Times Monday, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom told the Associated Press that there are 10 pictures uploaded to Instagram with the hashtag Sandy every second. Digital Life on Today “Whoever believes these [photos] is [not very bright],” says Aiden Phelps, this guy I know from Facebook. Maybe so, I tell him, pointing out that it’s not like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man hasn’t trashed Manhattan in the past. The Wall Street Journal / Metropolis Amid the fake photos, there are some legitimately stunning images being shared on social media.The Wall Street Journal is verifying and publishing Hurricane Sandy photos posted on social media (you can share your photos with us by posting them on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #stormwsj).


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