Times App May Be Trend Away from Apple, App Store

The cut below is from the 10/3/12 Mediabistro morning feed. Interesting. I am a NYT subscriber, so they sent me an email yesterday telling me how to get the app. I did, but haven’t  had time to spend more than about three minutes looking at it.

Even if it kinda sucks — as so many first-gen apps do — it might be the first true salvo in toppling the App Store’s supremacy.

Veddy interesting, as they say…..

NYT’s New iPad Website Could Mean End of Apple App (FishbowlNY)

The New York Times has launched an HTML5 Web app (app.nytimes.com) for the iPad. The app is available to subscribers and organizes content in four ways: Times Wire, a live feed of the latest news and media; All Sections, which is pretty self-explanatory; Trending, a collection of the hottest Times articles on Twitter; and Today’s Paper, an assortment of the day’s offerings, just like they appear in print. New York Observer But perhaps the best feature for the newspaper is that the app is accessed and downloaded directly from Safari rather than through Apple Newsstand. This handily avoids giving Apple the 30 percent fee that it charges for native iPad apps.paidContent The limited nature of the Web app suggests it is just a way for the Times to test the waters of HTML5 as it continues to develop its native apps. CNET Non-subscribers can try out the digital access and the new Web app via an introductory deal that costs just 99 cents for the first four weeks. People who decide to keep the subscription then pay either $5 or $8.75 a week depending on the level of access. Nieman Journalism Lab And, as is the case whenever The New York Times does anything, lots of news organizations will likely watch its moves and, six months later, follow in step. So what does it mean for the Times to build an app-like experience — and, it should be said, a pretty darned good app-like experience — on the Web?


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