Is Social Media the Dodge City of the Innerwebs?

Has Social Media Created A Copy And Paste Generation? [INFOGRAPHIC] – AllTwitter.

This is very interesting. Also a cool infographic.

Since 2009, the amount of plagiarized content on the internet has leapt from 25 percent to 44 percent last year, and this uptrend is expected to continue through 2012. File-sharing, as you might expect, is the number one source of plagiarism, but web and video content are also heavily copied and shared, and a lot of that takes place on social media.

The content creation/content curation generation is coming of age a bit, I suspect. The wild west of the first years of social media is being tamed or is trying to be tamed by the forces of copyright and ownership.

Think about it for a second, though. Is THIS post plagiarism? I’m linking to someone else’s content, I’m quoting from it without the original writer’s knowledge or consent …. I am attributing it, though. And that’s an important distinction.

Here’s an exercise — how long can you go without coming across cut-and-paste/possibly plagiarized content on the Innerwebs? Not too long, I’ll bet.

While you’re doing that, tell Marshall Dillon and the forces for respect, decency, common courtesy and ownership that I’ll be at the Long Branch with Miss Kitty.


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