Why Students Are Taking Over Kickstarter

Why Students Are Taking Over Kickstarter – Online Business Degree.

This is worth a read — especially for younger companies — or The Cassii as I used to call them. (That’s an oblique Shakespeare reference, dontcha know. “Yon Cassius has a lean and hungry look.”) A N Y W A Y ….

There’s something to be said for this crowdsourcing to raise funds. Innovative way to get people talking about you on the social web, etc. Put on a play, a concert/showcase, recital, gallery show, etc and get friends and interested parties to pony up five bucks a head.

The trick is, make it the best five bucks they’ve ever spent. Treat them like royalty. Yes, all for a lousy five bucks.

Recently, I shelled out a C-Note to help an online soap opera production. I kinda enjoyed it and was interested in seeing someone move this infant genre ahead a bit, so I ponied up. They did not make their crowdsourcing goal, but they did produce a “season” of short programs and they went above and beyond what they said they were going to do for contributors. If they go ahead for another season will I open my checkbook (read: PayPal account) again? My Magic Eight-Ball says “highly likely.”

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