Wolf Blitzer in Hell

New Newsroom, New Glasses for CNN’s Wolf Blitzer The Washington Examiner / Yeas and Nays) Wolf Blitzer was supposed to be hosting a toast and a ribbon cutting to show off the brand new CNN studio Monday to his Washington colleagues, but he did so with an added plus — he unveiled a new pair of glasses. TVNewser Some details about the new CNN studio: There are 109 monitors, including three video walls and two “Magic Walls.” There is a glass divider, allowing for two simultaneous programs to be live at once, or it can be retracted, allowing for one large, open space for events like election night. The project took 504 days from start to finish, and required 17,000 pounds of structural steel. Lighting in the studio allows the designers to virtually “paint” the studio any color producers wish, to set the mood.

H/T Media Bistro, 9/11/12

*sigh* This story makes me sad. Do you remember when CNN was a bastion of high quality journalism and when Wolf Blitzer was a take-no-prisoners correspondent instead of an old hack? I do.

The moral of the story is that CNN has fallen into the crapper and there’s no hope that anyone is going to pull them out anytime soon. In a desperate grab for ratings, they give you toys instead of substance. And some new glasses.

Whatever, CNN. Blitzer’s new studio is the “Cousin Oliver” of today. (If you don’t get that reference, look up “The Brady Bunch” on IMDB.)

The only thing that CNN has to be proud of is Anderson Cooper reporting from war-torn [fill in the blank] filing compelling stories. In Prada.


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