Oratorical Good Old Boy

Oratorical Good Old Boy – Lingua Franca – The Chronicle of Higher Education.

This call to “listen” to what’s “important” is the chief emendation Clinton makes to a text that might otherwise, rhetorically, echo what not only the First Lady but also the other pundits had been saying from the platform. Even more brilliant is the addition of the “some brass” line, which will haunt our impressions of Paul Ryan henceforward.

President Clinton’s nomination speech for President Obama was a masterstroke of rhetoric. Nobody — and I do mean no one else — in his generation has ever been as captivating as a public speaker as he was and, obviously, continues to be. There’s the old line about being able to sell refrigerators to eskimos. Clinton is so good he might be able to sell Romney to me. Well, maybe he’s not THAT good.

This is a terrific piece by Lucy Ferriss


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