Cupcakes Collide With Tuscaloosa Trademarks

Cupcakes Collide With Tuscaloosa Trademarks – Tweed – The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Good grief.

Still, as someone who deals with copyright issues in every facet of my life, I can tell you five things:

1. We are a litigious society where everyone wants — or thinks they are owed — a piece of the pie.

2. Most people fundamentally don’t understand copyright law and trademark infringement.

3. Most of this frivolous nonsense, like this kerfuffle over Mary Cesar’s cookies,  is just that.

4. Copyright is an extraordinarily potent tool and one of the only ways that an artist, artisan or creator can protect his or her work.

5. Technology is so far outpacing the law in this area that we can’t catch up fast enough. ALL segments of copyright law and enforcement need to change.

PS — The Chronicle has a paywall, so you may not be able to access the entire post from their “Tweed” blog in the future. Just FYI.


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