“Just Post Anything”

I re-read this piece by Paul Wilson, which I posted nearly a month ago. Still good. What I’m including here are the notes that I sent to my colleagues when I sent them this link.

Interesting post on Romenesko about the CNN/Fox/SCOTUS debacle, which underscore the fact that CNN has fallen mightily from a serious and respected news organization to a place to showcase Anderson Cooper looking stunning in a war zone. In Prada.

The idea that we can get it wrong and then fix it — and that’s okay — is symptomatic of an info culture wherein we are always feeding “the beast” something — and it doesn’t matter what it is. That attitude trickles down and should make PR and marketing — GOOD PR and marketing — hyperaware of making sure we get in right. Because we won’t get another chance to become “untarnished.” There’s a lesson here for journalists and marketers. Getting it fast but getting it wrong does nothing but make you/your product/your organization look ridiculous.

Scroll down through the comments. There is one particular worth mentioning — from Charles Madigan. If you are unfamiliar, Charlie is an ex-Chicago Trib newspaperman now author and professor. He is a cantankerous old crank of the sort the world needs many more of.


‘I left daily journalism at exactly the right time’ | JIMROMENESKO.COM.


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